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Anthropocenic Realities, Relations, and Subjectivities: Negotiating Responsibility, Justice and Governance in Times of Climate Vigilance

Diskussion mit Prof. Dr. Eveline Dürr (Teilprojekt B06), DGSKA 2021 conference

01.10.2021 09:30 Uhr – 10:30 Uhr

Climate change, resource depletion and environmental degradation are tangible global challenges in the Anthropocene. Yet, environmental change is not caused merely by global dynamics alone, but also has its origins and effects in local settings and actors. The consequences of climate change are not equally distributed among different population groups and require diverse strategies of vigilance, which in turn bring forth new subjectivities. This workshop examines both the global-local relations of anthropogenic environmental change – which we understand as co-produced by human and more-than-human actors – and the practices local actors develop in addressing these phenomena. While the intersection of the features described above with questions of responsibility, (in-)justice and (self-)governance in the context of multiple ontologies and realities in the Anthropocene are central issues of concern, these have not yet been studied sufficiently to date. How do local actors develop diverging narratives and subjectivities in relation to the Anthropocene? What techniques of (self-)governance and vigilance are employed in the context of environmental change? Which new knowledge-power-relations emerge? How are demands of responsibility and justice negotiated and formulated? Besides addressing these and similar questions, this workshop is also concerned with reflecting on how ethnographic research can contribute to recognizing unintended consequences of local, regional and global climate policy.

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