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Dr. Kateryna Yeremieieva



Sonderforschungsbereich 'Vigilanzkulturen'
LMU München
Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1
80539 München

Amalienstraße 17
80333 München

Website: Yeremieieva Kateryna

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Aktuelles Projekt

The black humour of wartime: Ukrainian cases during WWII and 2022

Dr. Kateryna Yeremieieva is a historian of Soviet humour and satire. She is a Senior Lecturer at Ukrainian State University of Railway Transport in Kharkiv, and member of the British Council’s Teaching Excellence Programme in Ukraine.

Her PhD thesis was devoted to political satire in Soviet Ukraine. In 2018, she published a monograph on this topic with the support of the Kowalski Foundation and the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies. She has published more than 40 scientific publications and has participated in 45 conferences and seminars, including in Miami, Zagreb, Lublin and Heidelberg. In addition to humour studies, her research interests also include digital humanities, history of Soviet everyday life, gender studies, and the history of the Soviet press.

Dr. Yeremieieva’s research project at the LMU/SFB 1369 "Cultures of Vigilance" examines black humour in Ukraine, and will compare Soviet black humour of the Second World War and modern anti-Russian humour of 2022. The project will explore the role of black humour in everyday communications as in propaganda; morbid jokes about the dead or images of the dead; the marks of “own” and “alien” in black humor; broader perceptions of black humour; and the role of humour in a culture of vigilance.